Your Dream of Infinite Pizza Supply Is Now a Reality with Picnic™ Food Automation


Digitization is entering the food industry just in time. The industry has been a playground for techies to add their automation magic to it for quite some time now. These rapid shifts are occurring in the middle of the growing global food services labor shortage and increasing preferences of lessening the human contact with the food.

Food automation has been a sign of relief for the commercial food preparing industry! Let us introduce you to one more player in this ground that is making our childhood dream come true by providing an infinite supply of pizzas! Picnic™ is a Seattle-based food automation company formed under the leadership of Clayton Wood, CEO, Kati Fritz-Jung as Chief Food Scientist, Lamont Glendinning as VP of Sales, Don Coyner as Brand Director, and Tim Talda as VP of Engineering. The company has been perfecting a pizza-making robot. It was founded in 2016 to change the food industry picture for the undisputedly most famous fast food item on the Earth, pizzas.

Picnic’s goal is to create a route to help restaurants and the food and hospitality industries to produce a consistent quality pizza, which not only tastes good and the same, while helping the employees meet customer demands even in time of staff scarcity. The concept of Picnic works around a pizza assembling device on which a single employee can produce up to 100s of 12-inch modified pizza per hour. The recipe for the pizza can be twisted according to the restaurant, commercial kitchen, or whoever owns the machine.

The pizza robot can produce almost 300 custom pizzas per hour. The pizza is just the beginning of the game, Picnic™ is considering to use the same food automation technology for other food segments such as sandwiches, salads, bowls, and tacos.

“Foodservice is being re-imagined,” CEO of Picnic™

After the launch of a pizza-making robot, Picnic™ sees an increase in the customer demands for its pizza-making robot. Less than one year, Picnic™ become an eye-catching company in the food industry as a leading expert in food technology and advanced solutions for the professional kitchen.

At “The Global stage for Innovation” Picnichad a chance to prove their capabilities by going to Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. With more than 175,000 attendees, Picnic™ client’s, Centerplate had a lot of mouths to feed. Centerplate serves award-wining food and beverages to hundreds of thousands of sport fans all over North America and the United Kingdom every year. Satisfying your clients is one of the utmost element in startups to make a bright future and it was a great challenge for Picnic™, firstly to satisfy Centerplates’s need to quickly make a large number of pizzas while maintaining the quality. Secondly, to create a wow factor among the audience.

Picnic™ has been constantly working with the existing customers and potential new customers while making amendments and improvements to the system for making it worthwhile and more appropriate. The new design maintains the commercial grade of the previous system. The large front of the machine makes it easier and feasible for the employees for cleaning purposes.

We are keeping our fingers crossed what their future advancements be like!


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