YouTube’s New Update of Linking TV Advertisements Have Made Shopping Experience Much More Exciting!


We have all experienced YouTube ads showing up while watching videos. These ads might ruin your video watching experience but not anymore because YouTube came up with a very interesting feature update. Now you can shop your favorite items while watching your favorite show and without even being annoyed by these ads. A new interactive feature called Brand Extensions targeted at marketers that will enable YouTube audiences to learn more about a product they see on the screen with a single click.


In their linked TV video commercial, the advertiser will be able to highlight their website connection or another call-to-action by using the new ad format. After that, the user will choose the “send to phone” option, which will transfer the promotion or URL to their mobile device without interrupting their viewing experience.


The customer can then shop the website normally from their mobile device, browsing goods, adding things to their cart, and completing the purchase. Instead of having to pause their video to do so, they can do so whenever they’re ready to communicate with the product detail. Advertisers would be able to intelligently target advertising to the right demographics depending on the video material. A brand extension commercial showing a new pair of running shoes, for example, may appear in a workout video.

In a similar e-commerce ad effort, brands can now use browsable product photos in their immediate reaction video ads to encourage interested customers to visit their website or app by clicking the link. Talking about other social media sites, multiple video shopping services, such as Popshop Live, NTWRK, ShopShops, TalkShopLive, Bambuser, and others are popping up to appeal to today’s consumers, especially younger Gen Z users. On both Facebook and Instagram, Facebook has also invested heavily in live shopping and video-based shopping.


Meanwhile, TikTok has now become a hub for video-based e-commerce, with Walmart hosting several recent shopping live streams. TikTok has also found success in the online world, as it has developed more tools to guide video viewers to websites via integrated links. Advertisers will be able to monitor conversions from these brand extensions directly in Google Ads, according to YouTube.


According to a Bloomberg article from last fall, YouTube was asking creators to tag and track the things they were showcasing in their clasps. In February, YouTube revealed more about this endeavor, stating that it was beta testing a shopping experience that allows viewers to buy from their favorite shops and that it will roll out more widely in 2021.


Brand extensions, on the other hand, are separate from the effort because they’re focused on giving the sponsor their way to drive a shopping experience from a video. The brand extension ads, according to YouTube, are just the beginning with more innovative functionality on the way. This function will be rolled out worldwide later this year. 



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